Life on the street


It started with a dead dog . . .

My first published picture, at the age of 14, was of a dead dog in a litter bin. But maybe the dog didn’t die in vain: it helped bring home the realisation that the street is a special place for me. In a previous life I may have been that stray dog, prowling the pavements, ignored and unobserved, absorbed in my own world of the mundane, ears pricked-up to the possibilities of the unusual in the usual. All in this extraordinary place where the people, the smells, the sounds, the humour, the sadness and the rhythm of life combine to form a unique theatre where nothing is ever the same.

As street photographers we need to be part of all that, watching, listening, making connections and devouring the triviality and the narrative of everyday humanity which makes the street so beguiling. For me it’s all about moments, stories, connections, detail and finding beauty in the mundane. It’s been a long journey but I feel it’s hardly begun. Perhaps the best is yet to come - who knows?


“I photograph to find out what something will look like photographed.”

— Garry Winogrand



Street Photography Workshops

I run street photography workshops around the UK and overseas. I work with people in small groups and I work with individuals. If you’d like to learn more about this wonderful genre of photography, I’m here to help. My business, StreetSnappers, is dedicated to education in documentary and street photography.



I am happy to collaborate on assignments, books, exhibitions and other creative endeavours - feel free to contact me with your ideas.

I also work with corporate clients and other organisations on projects which require a candid, fly-on-the-wall approach. Straight . . . funny . . . ironic . . . provocative - whatever your brief, let’s talk. You can see my credentials as an established commercial photographer HERE.